Monday, May 31, 2010

Smoky Sunset

It's Memorial Day, and wildfires in Canada are sending plumes of smoke our way. I've been trying to avoid the smoke all day. The morning sky was a thick, yellowish white, and the air was bad to breathe. It cleared partially this afternoon, but the evening light was murky, with no warm light on the mountains as I had hoped. So I found a spot and faced west, and shot this sunset over a mountain lake.

I don't usually shoot into the sunset. The sky is vivid, yes, but everything else is a black silhouette. Silhouette of mountains. Silhouette of lighthouse. Silhouette of boats. After a while they all look the same. I love turning my back to the sunset and shooting the golden light it casts on everything. Tonight I didn't have the luxury of turning my back - there was only one game in town. So here's my silhouette, really not so bad after all.

Tomorrow, rain. I really reserved the wrong days to shoot lupines in the White Mountains. But I'll go home with images that are truly different than my usual blue-sky stuff. Shake it up!

1 comment:

  1. I knew it would be a great sunset last night but I was too tired to go shoot it. The smoke just makes it more dramatic!

    I shot Lupines right here in my own town yesterday morning, before the smoke arrived. Not sure I did a great job as they are in the middle of a median and I felt rather self conscious, but I did the best I could.

    Yup, sometimes you've got to shake it up alright!