Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fox Family

We were driving around today, checking out places to shoot at sunrise and enjoying the warm summer weather. There's an old campground nearby that's being developed into waterfront lots and estate sites... we thought we'd better explore it now, because soon it will be one more inaccessible piece of the Maine coast. Driving down a gravel road past campsites, we spotted a flash of reddish fur. We crept forward in the car, not daring to get out or open a door for fear of spooking the animal. When we reached a clearing we found not one, but five foxes - a mother and four kits - playing in the sun. For a while she glared at us for disturbing their privacy, then settled down to groom and nap. The babies tussled and Momma dozed, always keeping an eye on the car. After a while she left, with kits in tow, and we finally dared to exhale. Wow.

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