Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lupines and Lady's Slippers

It's Mid-May, and the Lupines are coming out. They grow rampant on roadsides and in fields, escapees from farm gardens. We find them on well-drained hillsides and think we've discovered treasures. They are, in fact, treasures. Towns have Lupine fests around them. Calendars are decorated with their images. They are beloved flowers in the countryside, wild or not. Lupines, lovely lupines.

This afternoon we found Lady's Slippers in the woods. A week ago, they were just buds. Now they're popping up all over. Mother Nature's gift to us, maybe to make up for a dull winter. Little gems of color in the woods. Exquisite sculptures that last a few days before fading into the duff. I know where to find them - but I'm not telling!

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