Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Backyard beauty

Sometimes I travel to get beautiful pictures. New locations get the creative juices flowing, and I think travel is fun. The Smokies. Acadia National Park. All over New England. After a while, it gets old (or is it me?) and I crash. Take a while to process all those new photos.

Walking down the driveway with grocery bags in hand, I noticed some bunchberries beside the road. Then a violet. Blueberries. Starflowers. Put the groceries away, got the camera out, and spent a while shooting the beauty in my own back yard. There's a tiny world out there, you can explore it with a macro lens, and it doesn't take travel or money or hassle. Just a little attention.

Macro photography is best done on cloudy days or in full shade, to avoid the distraction of burned out highlights and black shadows. The soft colors and delicate details don't need to fight to be seen, they're there, waiting. Just go outside and look.

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