Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ridiculously Beautiful

Finally, a great snow day. The plan was to go out MA Route 2, shoot around the Green Mountains in VT, and return through southern NH. Whoever makes these plans (me) must think I have wings! I started heading west at sunrise in North-central MA, hit several state forests and picturesque towns, and went through some of southern NH. Still heading west. By 3:30 it was time to make a decision - cross the border to Vermont, shoot until sunset and drive for hours in the dark, or head toward home and catch sunset on the way.

So I wandered south and east, shot some snowmobilers and a covered bridge in golden light, caught sunset in New Salem and dusk in Templeton, and arrived home before the kitties starved to death. Such a satisfying, ridiculously beautiful, day.

Willard Brook State Forest in Townsend, MA
Shot: 587. Kept: 125

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