Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let it SNOW!!!

This year's snow-drought is driving me crazy. I'm shooting on snow days, trying to get beautiful white, but coming home with very little I can use. Why the pressure to get snow everywhere in New England?

A number of my customers are calendar publishers. Calendar pictures aren't realistic, they're idealistic. Calendars never have mud season. It almost never rains in calendars. It goes from fluffy snow to full-bloom spring to summer sunshine to glorious foliage. Easy in summer. Not too bad in autumn. But difficult in winter.

Tour guides and travel publications are similar. They don't want to see November's bare trees or April's still-brown grass or January's dirty snow banks. So getting out in prime weather is important. For a New England photographer, the best winter situation would be 3-4 inches of fluffy snow twice a week, with no wind or melting.

Obviously it doesn't happen like this. This week's forecast was so exciting: SNOW in the North country! But while Vermont got dumped with feet of snow, the roads between me and Vermont were rainy, icy, snowy, slushy, too dangerous to travel without an emergency. Then it rained. So I'm still waiting for my beautiful North-country snow-fall. Maybe Sunday. Maybe Monday.

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