Thursday, November 18, 2010

Autumn in Boston Public Garden

I love living in Boston. It's odd, because I'm not very social, don't hang around the theater or ballet, don't even go out to eat much. But I still love Boston. Visually, it's just wonderful to be able to wander around the parks - Boston Common, the Public Garden, the Charles River Esplanade to name a few. From cherry blossoms in April to late foliage in November, there's always color. Follow the history on the Freedom Trail. Admire beautiful architecture from Trinity Church in Copley Square to the new Institute of Contemporary Art on the waterfront. Try Quincy Market for people-watching.   Or stroll by Back Bay brownstones and shi-shi shops on Newbury Street. Eat Italian in the North End or Asian in Chinatown or Yankee at Durgin Park. Watch the harbor traffic along the waterfront.

You get it. It's the sheer diversity of the place that I love. There's always something interesting to shoot. And, while I love nature photography, I really love living in the middle of all this diversity and being able to access so much of New England's natural beauty so easily. I dream of living on a marsh somewhere, but one of the criteria would be easy access to Boston, so why move?

This morning I arrived at the Public Garden before sunrise. True, the sun doesn't break the horizon until 6:30,  but it's still satisfying to be up early. The park in front of my house is getting bare, so I wanted to check on the Garden. There, the many types of trees bloom and fall at different times, so I was sure there would still be color. Yes! European Beech holds on to its leaves late, as do Norway Maple, American Sweetgum, and the oaks. Even the Dawn Redwoods were golden. Plenty of color, even in this tough year.

I shot for a while and left before I had to feed a parking meter, although I think I could have wandered around for another hour or so. A quick stop at one of my favorite grocery stores and I was home in time for breakfast. So far, a good day.

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