Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jackman and Route 201 in Maine

One of these days, I'll be in this spot near Jackman, Maine, at sunrise and the mountain will be radiating red alpenglow and the lakes will be reflecting it, and the foliage will be peak and the sky will be neon and.... Well, I was there, but the sun didn't show up even though the weatherman assured me it would. He tricked me into getting up at 3:30 and driving 75 minutes to get my fantasy image, and all I got was this!!! I'll work on it some more. But it will never match that imaginary sunrise! Maybe I'll get it next year.

Little red fox wants a treat
In my travels, I did see a few critters, including this rest-area fox who wanted to share my hard-boiled egg. Most of the wildlife was actually wild, but this guy seemed pretty comfortable begging for food - I wonder if he'll be able to survive the winter?

Moose hiding behind a twig
I also saw 6 moose between Baxter State Park and Jackman, plus several loons, two eagles, and a ruffed grouse. The wildlife is really out! Of course, it WAS the wilderness. Route 201 is the Old Canada Highway, running from Jackman south to Skowhegan, Maine. Much of it follows the Kennebec River and all of it is scenic. Just don't expect too many strip malls. The area is full of sporting camps, fishing cabins, and Maine Guide services. I try to visit at least once a year.

The day was cloudy, with wind and heavy rain predicted for afternoon. Home was calling. As I traveled south by the Kennebec River, I stopped to photograph river scenes, but the white sky reflected in the water and made everything drab. I composed this shot to eliminate the sky. Notice how bright the color is, even though much of the peak foliage blew away in the last storm. There are still green leaves here, and they will develop color as the season progresses.

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  1. We took a trip to Montreal, and Quebec Canada. We the entered the Border, and drove on Route 201 to Jackman, Maine. There were lakes to out right, as we turned a corner there was a Moose standing in the road slowly crossing to the other side. It was beautiful. We continued down to Skowhegan, Maine. I will never forget this trip through Maine. As we continued South we cross a bridge. There on the right, was a little food stand. It was called Red's Eats. He is only there in the summer, but is living in Florida the rest of the year. Further down the road, is an old fashioned Diner called Moody's Diner. It was as if time stopped. It was crowded with cars and on the left side of the menu was the menu from 1935. On the right, was the menu and special for that day. We continued down to Rockport, Maine, and then Rockland, Maine, Portland until we continued down the coast on Route 1. We stopped to enjoy the view, as we entered New Hampshire, Massachusetts. We also stopped in Maine at LL. Bean on the way down.