Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kitty Vacation

The kitties have had a wonderful vacation. They're now sprawled out on the screenporch, enjoying the warmth that has only recently arrived in Downeast Maine. This is Squeechie, separated from a tasty chipmunk by a screen. So close she can taste it! Below you can see Maya, also hunting critters, and napping. It has been a wonderful vacation.

Soon they'll be home in Boston listening to airplanes instead of black-throated green warblers, but they've spent almost eight weeks in kitty heaven. All I can do is promise them another visit soon. But who will console me?

Looking up means looking forward. So next weekend will be a trip to Mystic, CT to see the wooden boat show, and then I'll stay in Boston for Harborfest, and then trips to the Cape and RI and ... well, who knows? There are so many places and events to enjoy in New England. Someday we'll settle down, but not ... quite ... yet.

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