Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boston in Bloom, Week II

I've been going in to the city almost every day for a couple of weeks now. Spring is happening so fast that three days makes a substantial difference in what you see. This week, it's tulips and apple blossoms. I drove around Sunday but couldn't park, due to the crowds in town for the Boston Marathon. Monday I got this shot, and several like it. George Washington rising from the tulips. Went to NH on Tuesday and came back to Boston this morning, and saw pink crabapples and dogwoods. The cherries are past peak, making confetti on the lawn.

It all seem excessive, visiting the same place every day. It's just so lovely I can't resist. After this week, I probably won't see the Public Garden again until fall. How could it possibly be as good as spring?


  1. I sure wish I could have made it down to Boston for the Spring flowers, but there just hasn't been enough time.

    I know I find myself drawn back to the same places over and over again for photography. No matter how many times you go back you can always spot something new.

    Wonderful shot, Susan.


  2. Not too late! The Public Garden is breathtaking, try to get down this weekend. Bring the kids, there's a carousel on Boston Common, and of course the Swan boats are running.